Disability tax credits for children

Children and the Disability Tax Credit

Children with a disability qualify for a large amount of money from the Disability
Child Tax Credit. The DTC is a tax-free benefit for families who care for a child
under age 18 with a severe and prolonged impairment in mental or physical

Parents and guardians can claim the disability benefits for their child with
disability, as long as they are the sole provider. The disability can be one the child
was born with, for example; down syndrome, autism, deafness, visual
impairment. It can also be for a disability which occurred later on in life, or the
result of an accident.

The money you can receive from the Canada Disability Tax Credit can greatly
enhance your child’s life and will provide ease and resources to parents in these

Ryan’s Story:

Ryan was always a lively boy, he was very smart and always asking many
questions. His parents were proud of his eagerness, love of life, and enthusiasm.
Then he started kindergarten, and everything changed.

The excitement and drive that pushed Ryan seemed to be taking over. In the
structured environment of a classroom, Ryan was struggling to focus on one task
at a time. He couldn’t sit still for more than a few moments and was constantly
distracted or bothering his peers. After speaking with the concerned teacher,
Ryan’s parents took him to his pediatrician who recommended an analysis.
Ryan was diagnosed with ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

As Ryan grew and learned how to manage his disability with the help of his
parents, teachers and doctors, his parents learned about the Disability Benefits in
Canada that were available for their son. They contacted us, and we were glad to
help. Ryan’s parents claimed $23,450 for Ryan. They are less stressed and can
focus on giving Ryan everything they can to help him complete his education and
grow to be successful even with his challenges.

At DB+ it is our goal to ensure that you receive the disability benefits you deserve
to help your children.

As a family business, we know the bond between parents and children. That
parents give everything of themselves to their children, to help them lead happy,
fulfilling lives.

Let us help you give even more. The Disability Tax Benefit is made for you.

Start today! This could change your life forever.

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